Monday, November 19, 2012

iBirder has arrived!

Virtual birding for the busy birder!

Incorporating MiBird software, applications include –

MiView – your human-eye view of your patch, local reserve, twitch site

MiBino – scan the scene for birds

MiScope – zoom in with your optics of choice - up to 200x magnification!

MiGuide – feature by feature voice over talks you through your virtual bird ID from TheBirdGuide featuring the voice of K M Ullarney.

WhereIsTheBird – GPS based mapping to find your twitch site

MiList – keep your virtual list up to date (options inc. BirdiBotch, BOO, BOO-BOO, BEE-OOO-YOO and aLaGoRiE)

iInTheSkye – your bird’s eye view from that flyover Ortolan Bunting (calls included).

iBirder on MiPhone
includes MiPhone MiniBins – pocket bins for your MiPhone.

MiWorld – the ultimate bird ID and listing pack for the World iLister. Contains MiGuides for all birding regions and OMG List of World Bird Names (English only).

We love Claire West!

Yes, we've fallen in love with Claire West's fabulous, vibrant, colourful, energetic artwork. We've bought two pieces recently.

The Bird with the Golden Ring,
acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 30cm,
Claire West, 2012. 

Foxy Foxy, 
acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 40cm,
Claire West, 2012 

We bought them from our new fave gallery, the Itch Gallery in Oakham. The owner blogged about our purchase of The Bird with the Golden Ring! See the blog on their website here.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Great White Egret, Wypes Dole, 16 Nov 12

A couple of record shots of this egret found by Charlie Kitchen yesterday. This was my third visit (seen also yesterday afternoon and this morning) but this afternoon provided the best chance of some images as the bird was much closer to the drove and more active. I was amazing just how well hidden a large white bird could be once it started feeding in the dyke. And it seemed to be catching plenty of very small prey items, presumably small fish.