Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Birders individual raptor detection system (BIRDS)

Taking a break in the garden this afternoon and the two local Jackdaws went bullistic which means only one thing - Birders individual raptor detection system (BIRDS). This time they alerted me to a male Marsh Harrier flapping low over the house.

My Jackies are adept at spotting large birds of prey (they don't puss with the likes of small falcons and spars) and are building up an impressive list -
Osprey May 2003
Buzzard several times
Peregrine March 2005
Osprey April 2005
Marsh Harrier several times

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not such a belter

Having missed the Belted Kingfisher (first in Britain for 25 years) in Staffs on Friday cos I was running the the annual BOU conference, news it was then in East Yorks on Saturday (although not scored by anyone) didn't help. But just as I thought it had buggered off on to the continent, kerpow!, it turns up in near bloody Aberdeen! Not funny! Work schedule just ain't gonna let me get to it this week! Bugger!