Friday, October 31, 2008

More building progress!

Still my favourite view of the house! We've been 'in' no.4 (this end) for four weeks now and the pace of progress in no.3 has been relentless. Full update on our renovation blog.

Frankie Boyle - contains swearing from the start!

Fuck! Frankie Boyle live at the Peterborough Broadway!! What a great gig!!! The not-so-PC comic gave however what I thought was a short set at under one and a half hours, but, and here's the rub, I don't think the fuckers who started leaving as he was still saying his 'thank you Peterborough' line helped! I'm used to encores at the Broadway, and I'm sure Frankie had more material to deliver, but, on sight of the arseholes who wanted to get out of the car park before the rush leaving the theatre when he was still facing the audience on stage, he will no doubt of thought 'fuck it!'. No, I don't blame Frankie. Once he had left the stage I saw the side curtain twitch. No doubt someone making sure an encore wasn't needed as most of the useless tossers in the audience were already on their feet and running for the exit! What the fuck?! You might have got the impression the show was crap. And perhaps this the message Frankie got as he walked back to his dressing room, picked up his list of tour dates and drew a thick black line through Peterborough Broadway muttering 'brainless twats'. He wasn't wrong when he suggested Peterborough city centre looked like a 'holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show' - a line he probably uses for every town, but in this instance, how very observant Frankie!

Its always great seeing an audience's response to different topics. Gags about peudos and cerebral palsay were well received, but one gaga about Stephen Hawkins drew a single 'hiss' which didn't go unnoticed!

Crackin gig Frankie. Please come back next time you're on the road - and bring ya Ulster buddy Martin back with you - he was cool too.