Monday, December 11, 2006

Eco links

Here are some valuable eco links we have been finding useful in our switch to a more eco, ethical and sustainable way of life.

Construction Resources - planning some DIY or self-building? Here's a place for you. From eco paint to solar power (and the planned source of our own solar power needs to be installed in 2007!).

Ecotricity - green energy generator committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy generation in the UK.

Ecological Building Systems - a must-visit home eco improvement sites for insulating your home and creating a improved living atmosphere in the home.

The Ecologist - monthly eco-mag for the freer eco and ethical thinker and doer.

Ethical Man - BBC Newsnight's Justin Rowlatt's ethical living blog.

Green Building Store - another great site for the eco DIYer or self-builder. Don't buy without checking things out here first.

Nigel's Eco Store - environmentally friendly products fro sustainable living - eating, sleeping, drinking, bathing, lighting. laundry and much more - its all here!

Westfire Stoves - reduce your energy consumption by heating in your home with a sustainable fuel - wood!

Ajeer Reclamation - reclaimed building materials.

Penny Bricks & Timber - another site for reclaimed building materials.

Channel 4's Homes Eco Cleaning - some of the old remedies are still the best - for the environment at least!

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