Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New camera!

A female Bramblefinch feeding outside the kitchen and snapped from the breakfast table. One of five Bramblefinks that have been around the garden since mid-Dec.

Well, I've taken the plunge in to DSLR with the purchase of one these cameras and a second hand one of these lenses - don't the prices look scary! Thankfully I paid nothing like the Canon RRP! Especially the lens which was a great buy from a friend.

I haven't really used it in anger yet. I cant be arsed taking it out most days when out with Jax, so have limited it to snapping some garden birdies and the odd foray when about (mainly when failing to photograph Waxwings!). It's been bought mainly for overseas trips when I'll have the time to use it in earnest. Here's some early results.

A more distant male Bramblefinch snapped from the breakfast table.

One of our many Treeps feeding at the feeder outside the kitchen.

A cracking male Sparrowhawk found whilst not managing to find Waxwings.

A female Kestrel perched up in the garden.

A Fieldfare snapped where a Waxwing should have been.

All images © Steve Dudley