Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Broadway blues!

It might not be the cultural centre of the world, but we've started to enjoy our visiting Peterborough's Broadway Theatre in recent times with great gigs by Russell Howard and Frankie Boyle (we missed last week's Jimmy Carr gig cos it sold out mega quick).

But we wont be enjoying the Ross Noble gig we were booked for in April. Why? Cos some tossers decided to set the place alight. Thanks very much whoever you are. Full story in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

Photos top (c) of Broadway Theatre and bottom (c) Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

Left you can see the devastation to the stage. Its gonna be up to six months before we can go there again. Oh hum.

2009 - more pish, piffle and bolllocks then

Well. Its nigh on the end of January already and I've posted nowt on here for some time. Mind, that does mean I probably done nowt for some some time. So what have we been up to -

1. the house - overseeing the kitchen and final bits of builder-realted stuff - yippee!
2. decorating - hoo-bloody-raa! House update here
3. not birding - boo-bloody-hoo!
4. xmas - yippee! (apart from both being ill with the usual xmas bugs) and enjoying our new woodburnding stoves with lots of friends and family calling in
5. writing my Lesvos book - little yippee! I like working and it gets me away from the decorating!