Saturday, July 05, 2008

There's nowt like a good Buff-tip

The weather hasn't really been producing great mothing nights, but last night was one of the better ones, delivering one of only several catches of over 100 individual moths of 28 species (the best species count of the year). It included some year firsts (Clay, Scalloped Oak), another Diamond-back Moth (fourth of the year for this migrant) and these two commoner species which are at least scarce out here on the fen.

Buff-tip, Farcet Fen, 4 July 08 Not suprisingly, for a relatively open arable fen, this is only the fifth record here, with all the others caught in June-July 06. Certainly one of my favourite species and highlights the joys of moth trapping when you open the lid and among all those regulars is something as stunning as this, albeit a relatively common species. Caught at light (160w MVB).

Green Pug, Farcet Fen, 4 July 08

Another scarcity for me, this is only my fourth record, all the others caught in June-July 05. I love the way some moths melt into backgrounds such as this. Caught at light (160w MVB).

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