Friday, July 04, 2008

Half Man Half Biscuit - a tribute

Remember 80s band Half Man Half Buscuit. Well, northern mucker Tim Melling did and pointed me in the direction of the lyrics for their For what is Chatteris. Its a top notch, hot potch of words which had me smiling (living only a few miles from Chatteris and knowing it and its folk). Nowhere esle will you find a song containing the words butchers, cake shop, chandlers and linnet!

It inspired me to pen this very brief For What is Chatteris 2008 tribute to HMHB.

The butchers and cake shop have now all closed
Fen subsidence has left pot holes in all the roads
For sale signs now outnumber the town's few trees
And nothing has sold cos of the credit squeeze
There’s no sign of a linnet, or even a bunting
Just fields of pheasants for the farmers' hunting
Chatteris is no longer looked at with fenland envy
For what is Chatteris if you’re not in it, its empty.

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Cherry Hinton Blue said...

Ah, "prick barriers" or "crick barriers"? The debate continues at The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project...