Monday, July 14, 2008

Mock the Week - contains swearing!

Liz and I are just a wee bit surprised when we mention our favourite comedians - Dara who? Russell Howard, who he? Frankie Boyle, uh? Well, they're all from one of our fave TV comedy shows, Mock the Week (new series just started on Beeb 2, Thursdays at 9), and for some classic check out these links -

Mock the Week \ some great lines from this great show - wait for the Hazel Blears/sporum gag. More here.

Dara O'Briain \ host of Mock the Week \ don't miss the line about the planner! "You don't even build the houses, you just say, 'Well, that'll fucking fall down" (from Live at the Theatre Royal 1/9). We saw him live a couple of years ago and he was a riot. His improv with the front row is superb! Be warned - don't sit in the front row of a Dara gig!

Russell Howard \ regular Mock the Week guest \ another great pussy gag in part I and the fox routine in part II is side splitting!

We saw him live in the spring - what a laugh!

Frankie Boyle \ regular Mock the Week guest \ some crackin', and some definately non-PC, snippets from Mock the Week! Wait for the haunted pussy gag! We're off to see him in October.

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