Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Work! What a shock! And with a headful of snot! First thing is to go and collect the PC which has been at the knackers yard for the last week being checked over - clean bill of health! Now that's a surprise.

Sat back at my desk its nice to get reacquainted with my garden birdies. The first broods of Tree Sparrows are out - broods of four and two - and with up to four more pairs out there, it might be a bumper crop of young treeps this year! Hope so. Turtle Doves are still much in evidence, with four birds in the garden for most of the day. There's no chasing and displaying going on, so I presume these are now all males with the females happily settled on eggs. Turts can travel up to 10km for food, so these guys aren't necessarily that local. At least a couple probably are, since I have a pair in residence by the house and another pair at least on the other side of the fen.

Mr Great Spotted Woody is still here - hammering away at my nuts! (Oh er). I still find it staggering that I can have what is a near resident Great Spot in the garden out here in the fens and some birders in suburban Peterborough, next to prime pecker woodlands, rarely get them! What's that about?

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