Thursday, June 03, 2004

Woke up to find the mole dead on the lawn. Shucks. Couldn't see any signs of attack, just plenty of signs of moley trying to find a soft spot to burrow into on the lawn. God knows why he kicked the bucket tho.

Ran the moth trap overnight - first time in an age. I just don't get the time to go through a trap full of moths, especially being so bloody rust and having to check most bleeders with the book! Got a handful of chaps tho - Poplar Hawk-moth and two White Ermines being the pick of the catch.

Poplar Hawkmoth

Also couple of Common Wainscots, Middle-barred Minor and a handful still in the fridge to ID this evening.

The dickies are getting through shedloads of feed now that there are young in the garden. treeps, House Spugs, Blackbird, Greenfinks, Robin - all now with young in the garden and getting through around 12+ litres of seed a day! That's one hungry group of chicks I've got out there!

When I went out to fill up the feeders earlier the air was full of bird song - Whitethroat (banging out from the nearby line of Elms), Song Thrush (still doing his Teal, Whimbrel and car alarm calls!), Turt purring, and the rather anonymous chipping of the Treeps! Lapwings were mobbing something by the sounds of it - they must have young as well. I'll have to get on to the fen tomorrow to see if what is and isn't about.

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