Friday, June 04, 2004

I've spent most of the morning on the phone which is a great opportunity to gaze out of the window and watch the birdies! Makes a nice change to the PC monitor.

The weather has turned and the sky is now really grey and cold, Swifts have been over the garden most of the morning and the garden has been chocked with birds.

The new brood of Treeps took to the Sombrero for the first time. They really didn't know what to make of water. They sat nervously on the edge watching the adults and other birds bathing. They each would fly down and on their feet touching the water they would about abort and jump back o the edge! Every time a larger bird such has a Blackbird came to the Sombrero they would tumble off the side into the border! Bless. Well, they eventually took the plunge and rather pathetically quivered their wings trying to copy the parents - still some way to go tho. I don't think they realize the wings have to get wet - there's more to that just standing ankle deep in water and shaking your wings!

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