Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's that in the wood pile?

Staring bleary-eyed through the bathroom window I noticed a strange shape in the all too regular lines of our large pile of wood (hangover from the recent house renovation). No glasses to hand but knowing it was (a) obviously a bird, (b) a wee bit too big for the usual wood pile Wren and (c) totally wrong for a pheasant (see how attuned by birding senses are just minutes after rising) I reached for a pair of bins from the office and bingo! A smashing young male Sparrowhawk! Showing signs of naive youth, sitting low down (only 2ft above the ground) right by one of the feeding stations isn't the best way to lay in wait of its prey. Or perhaps it chased something in to the wood pile?

It decided to change perspective and moved a few meters to perch on the top of one of the sheds overlooking a shrubby area of the garden before a Carrion Crow chased it off.

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