Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snow, birds and hares

7.00am waiting to see how bad it was and whether we could get Liz to the station. The station run was later aborted when the radio told us that Peterborough had copped the best/worst of the overnight snow, the trains were stuffed and central Pboro was either clogged with snow or clogged with car playing dodgems!

7.30am and blanket snow - a nice thick layer of the pucker, crunching-under-foot, snowman-building, snow-balling white stuff.

Grit isn't something we know about in the fens. Mind you, nipping into the village and then to the supermarket, it doesn't seem to be something they use much round here anyway!

Cock-bobbin and a dish-washer picking away below one of the feeders.

Plenty of dickies under one of the three feeder sites. The cage is to keep the colly-doves and pheasants from scoffing all the seed that falls to the ground! Chaffinch numbers bumped up again with some obvious continentals amongst them. Fieldfares also in the garden and a Snipe nearly landed in the garden! It decided on the field edge by the house and looking decidely lost, it departed high to the west!

Treeps and Greenfincks at one of the feeders. Note the adult Treep (completely dark bill) on the right has white millet in its gob. They do like red and white millet. The bird on the left is a first-winter bird with extensive pale to base to the bill (some winter adults do show a little pale at the bill-base but not to this extent). Toadsnatchers and Yellow Bunting also in the garden today.

A close up of one of the 50+ Treeps around the house at the minute. A lovely, nice adult. Just look how varied its plumage is. Definately not just a boring sparrow!

Blobs in the snow! Two of five hares hunkered in the field behind the house throughout the day. Watching these I chanced upon a roaming flock of 135+ Skylarks which are new in. I think they struggled to find any bare ground on which to feed in all this!

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