Monday, December 11, 2006

Switch - and then switch off!

What's this?

Well, its a green energy generator, and amidst the con that is green electricity generation, Ecotricity stands out from the eco-con crowd. Why? Well, just check out this aticle from the Ecologist.

Ecotricity is the only energy company that is committed to increasing renewable energy generation. How? They reinvest in building more green energy generators - see here.

So, having trudged through all the various electricity generators websites, we've just switched to ecotrocity and have also pledged to reduce our consumption. Just because you buy from a green source doesn't mean you can use as much as you want. Switch and switch off!

Ecotrocity say they won't cost you a penny more than your existing provider. Hell, I don't care if they do! Helping to save the planet has gotta be worth paying for anyway.

£ per customer each energy company invested in combsatting climate change 2004-2005
(source: The Ecologist 2005)

Ecotricity - £901.64
Powergen - £8.33
Npower - £7.20
Scottish Power - £4.46
EDF Energy - £0.00
Good Energy - £0.00
Green Energy UK - £0.00
Scottish & Southern Energy - £0.00

Ecotricity's founder, Dale Vince, even makes the Top 100 Green List.

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