Monday, December 11, 2006

Birding 'au naturale'

It's been an age since I last bothered posting anything. Why? Not been birding?

Far from it. I might not have been as active as usual as work and Cambs bird report have eaten into my spare time, but Farcet Fen is still alive and well.

No, apart from time, I guess the main reason is lack of photos. See, blogs, especially birding blogs, are in the main visual things. Anything too wordy and both me and reader soon gets bored. No. Pictures have been the driver of birding blogs (apart from the odd exceptional wordsmith birder-blogger such as the Georgey Bristow geezer and his secret freezer).

And why no pics? Well, you see I've gone all 'au naturale'. Yup. I've ditched the gear. I've long since dumped the scope from my Farcet Fen rounds. It went from Leica APO 77 to APO 62. Then the tripod went to a monopod. Then the scope went (and I couldn't see the point in carrying the monopod around on its own!). So, no scope means no digiscoping. No digiscoping means not birdy pics. Once the summer wained, I also ditched the Panasonic FZ-30. So its just me and my bins. I've switched back to my Leica Duovids (8x+12x) to partially compensate, but we'll see how for long, as I do miss a wide field and to that end, I may end up switching to my Ultravid 7x42s for the winter instead.

So, I'll have to get crafty with the words and apart form birds, think of some other topics to droll on about! At least you can't hear my wilting Lancashire drawl!

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Katie said...

It's not your scope that's causing climate change - it's your 4WD!