Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Turtles

Seven Turtle Doves with Stock Dove. Farcet Fen. 18 May 06.

I'd love to know just how many Turts use my garden. This morning I had six birds, two obvious pairs and two singletons which the males from the pairs spent much of their time seeing off.

This afternoon I have seven birds, only one obvious pair and a group of five with no behaviour to suggest pairing etc. Are any of these different to this mornings birds?

Possibilities -
1) Total 7 birds
2) Two pairs and five singles = 9 birds
3) Two pairs and seven singles = 11 birds
4) Three pairs and five singles = 11 birds
5) Three pairs and seven singles = 13 birds

Turtle Dove. Farcet Fen. 18 May 06. They occasinally wander right under my office window.

Images | Panasonic Lumix FZ-30
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