Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gypo Goose

A neighbour has just stopped by to ask me what the goose-like bird is sat in one of the fields on the fen. I presumed it was the Muscovy Duck which has been seen out here recently, but she said it was the wrong colour. I asked her to point it out to me and she said ‘well there it is – you can see it from here’ pointing across the fen from my front door! To my amazement it was an Egyptian Goose. The Fletton BP bird I presume (only c.3 miles from me). So, garden tick no. 119 and my fourth for the year.

Garden listing is great. Just like normal listing, you don’t know where the next tick is going to come from. Gypo Goose was never on my ‘likely’ list unlike many other species which have yet to make it on!

Full garden list click here.

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