Monday, October 03, 2005

Give us this day our daily Gos

I've had an imm male Goshawk around the house this afternoon (garden tick number two (and 115 in total) for today following this mornings two Jays). First glimpsed at 1415h when I presume it was this bird that dived at the Collared Doves in the garden and I only caught a blur as i stupidly left the car on the drive which blocked my view (grrrrr). The birds have been going barmy and very unsettled since (and no Collared Doves have returend). Then seen at 1450h when it came over the house. I dived outside and was able to watch it as it chased woodpigs between Crowtree and The Plough and headed off (with crows in pursuit) towards Blackbush.

Could this be the bird reported last month from Connington Fen - c.5 miles away from here as the Gos flies.

And there was me beginning to get Gos withdrawel with yesterday being the only day since 25 Sept I havent seen one! I was getting them daily, with up to double figure birds some days, all last week on Lesbos and was last watching one on Sat morning circling over a wooded hillside with two Black Storks and a Long-legged Buzzard - cracking stuff! Oh well- back to work. Only another 140 emails or so to get through.

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