Thursday, September 01, 2005

Webb's Wainscot and other recent moths

Webb's Wainscot - caught 30 August

Mothing has been relatively slow in recent days and I've had little or no time to spend photographing and posting stuff!

The Webb's Wainscot is a real prize locally being only the 6th record for Hunts (first record only as recently as 2000) of this nationally scarce species, was obviously a an addition to my square and a tick for me! From a local perspective, The Natural Stone spotted that it was about as rare as his Bedstraw Hawkmoth! Still know which I would prefer tho Bri ;-)

Webb's Wainscot

And it just doesn't make sense how you catch some of these rarities. This Webb's Wainscot was caught by opening the back door and it flying in to the house! Not a moth trap in sight!

Bulrush, Webb's and Common Wainscots

White-spotted Pinion

On 12 August I caught another goodie in the form of this White-spotted Pinion. Hunts is a stronghold for this near-Red Data species but the nearest it gets to me is about 10 miles ot the south of me near Upwood.

Other recent good-lookers include

Copper Underwing - new for the garden

Burnished Brass - a stunner, one of my faves, and surely one of George Lucas's inspirations for one of his Star Wars characters!

Centre-barred Sallow - new for the garden

Double-striped Pug - new for the garden


Lime-speck Pug - just a cracking example

Orange Swift

Rosy Rustic - new for the garden

Sallow Kitten - now thats what I call a looker!

Small Square-spot

Red Underwing - 2-3 present around the house and this one taken to roosting by the office window

For a full list of Toadsnatcher's garden moths click here

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