Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A little surprise

Whilst on the phone this morning I was looking out at the feeders and wondered what all the commotion was as the tits were bouncing around and all the sparrows and finches had scarpered. I then noticed a small lump in one of the trees. A Little Owl!

With with up to five pairs breeding on the whole of Farcet Fen Fen I am used to birds arund the house and have recently seen and heard them in the evenings from the garden. But this is the first bird I've seen venture in to the garden. Possibly drawn in by all the feeding birds? And then wondered where they had all buggered off to once he had pitched up next to the feeders!It eventually saw sens and moved in one of the more covered apple trees and the birds resumed their elevenses.

I've long held the belief that with the advent of email, and the reduced amount of phone calls most of us make/receive, those of us with garden views are missing out. How? Well, we spend much more time looking at a computer screen using email, and when I use the phone, I usually stop looking at the screen and watch the garden whilst I am on the phone. The result is that when I am on the phone I often see something of note and the person on the other end gets a range of expletives as I shout about Little Owl, Spar, Peregrine, Merlin, Hobby etc!

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© Steve Dudley

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T said...

Enjoying reading your posts ... A Little Owl - what an excellent garden tick! Great Blog.