Sunday, September 05, 2004

Kev 'Pinky' Du Rose and Prior's Fens do it again! The initial call from Kev on Friday evo was a little distressing as I was actually out of area (aagghh!) and planned not to be back until late Sunday evening. Thankfully I managed to rearrange things and made it to the shrike at one of my fave Peterbirding sites to spend five hours watching it on and off. It was stinking hot in the sweltering sun and the light for best part of the afternoon was crap. With a little perseverance I managed to get some half decent shots out of the 200+ pics I took (the beauty of digital images eh!).

Immature Red-backed Shrike, Prior's Fen, Cambs

Heavily barred unders and scaly uppers age this as a young bird

This takes my 'top birds to perch on bulrush' list to three - this RBS, Penduline Tit (of course) and . . . . Long-eared Owl!

For more Red-backed Shrike photos click here

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Unknown said...

I’m putting a collection together of all the worlds birds. It’s a big job and I need help with your permission I would like to use some of your pictures. Credit and copy-write and a link to you at any site of your choice would be added.
If you would like to help further please check out the web site and if you have any comments or other images of birds not already covered or better photo’s than the one’s we have got, please e-mail me
You have some great shots.
Good birding