Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Northern Greece - Day 4 - Lake Kerkini

White Pelicans, Eastern Embankment

Hundreds seen on and over the lake during the day.

We spent the whole day around Lake Kerkini enjoying the wonders of this fabulous area.

We only scored two woodpecker species in our search of the Vironia tracks in the morning, a fly-over Lesser Spotted but good perched views of Syrian. Great Spotted was heard.

Night-heron, Mandraki Harbour

Only a few present along the east embankment this morning but eventually found them at Mandraki Harbour this evening with a few dozen seen.

We ended up in the late afternoon at Mandraki harbour with great light on the drowned forest.

Squacco Heron, Mandraki Harbour

Nettle-tree Butterfly, Veronia

Thousands on the wing this afternoon - everywhere!

We had an early dinner at the hotel then headed back out for a dusk watch for Eagle Owl. Calling birds and five views in flight as well as  a couple of churring and displaying Nightjars.

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