Monday, November 19, 2012

iBirder has arrived!

Virtual birding for the busy birder!

Incorporating MiBird software, applications include –

MiView – your human-eye view of your patch, local reserve, twitch site

MiBino – scan the scene for birds

MiScope – zoom in with your optics of choice - up to 200x magnification!

MiGuide – feature by feature voice over talks you through your virtual bird ID from TheBirdGuide featuring the voice of K M Ullarney.

WhereIsTheBird – GPS based mapping to find your twitch site

MiList – keep your virtual list up to date (options inc. BirdiBotch, BOO, BOO-BOO, BEE-OOO-YOO and aLaGoRiE)

iInTheSkye – your bird’s eye view from that flyover Ortolan Bunting (calls included).

iBirder on MiPhone
includes MiPhone MiniBins – pocket bins for your MiPhone.

MiWorld – the ultimate bird ID and listing pack for the World iLister. Contains MiGuides for all birding regions and OMG List of World Bird Names (English only).

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