Friday, July 27, 2012

New pond pulls in the drags

I'm just lovin' our new pond. It measures around 9m x 2.5m and at its deepest its around 1.8m.

We thought hard about the planting and the two sides of common reed at the 'formal' end of the pond are growing well and look great, and replicate the dykes around. The reeds themselves are great for perching damselflies.

We have plenty of ponds plants coming through now, bought, begged and stolen, and the pond is looking way better than I thought it would do at this point - its only three months old!

The open banks at the shallow end have been sown with a meadow mixture and will eventually green over.

The reeds on our pond are already way ahead of the reeds in the nearby dykes!

We couldn't walk on the sown areas until very recently so planting was restricted to where we could reach from the path and bridge! The area by the bridge is looking great with loads of different plants in here now and a real refuge for much of the pondlife present.

This maturing male Ruddy Darter is the 13th species recorded this year.

Emerald Damselfly is one of three new species of dragonfly seen in the garden in recent weeks.

This year we've recorded the following species so far :

Hairy Dragonfly - male regularly in May and early June
Brown Hawker - daily
Southern Hawker - seen on several dates so far
Emperor - most days
Broad-bodied Chaser - daily, pr present for the first time, only one previous record for garden
Black-tailed Skimmer - new for garden
Four-spotted Chaser - daily
Ruddy Darter - seen today
Emerald Damselfly - new, inc. ovispositing
Blue-tailed Damselfly - daily inc. ovipositing
Azure Damselfly - daily
Common Blue Damselfly - daily inc. ovipositing
Large Red-eyed Damsefly - new, seen on three dates so far

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