Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's baby Treep time!

Juvvy Tree Sparrows, Farcet Fen © Steve Dudley

I've got at least three broods of fledged Tree Sparrows in the garden the last couple of days. They've even used one of the sparrow terrace nest boxes! Wonders never cease.

Treeps arrived here in January 2003. They'd never been recorded on Farcet Fen before (over 40 years of resident birders living here and no known records before the first of these arrived on the fen). As soon as they arrived I upped the food supply and they'vee stuck with me ever since. Although I have a host of nestboxes up (many upgraded to woodcrete ones last year) they still prefer to nest in leylandii and privet hedges around the houses here.

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