Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nutter in the garden!

Amazingly, a Nuthatch this lunchtime bouncing around the gardens here shouting its head off.

It was one of those nagging moments. I was playing with the new pup in the garden and kept hearing this call from across the road. Each time I thought ‘that’s familiar’ and started searching through my grey cells for a match. Eventually, and somewhat bizarrely some might think, it took me to a valley on Lesvos and Nuthatch sprang to mind. ‘Nah’ that cant be it I thought. So pup on lead we wandered across the road and within a few minutes tracked the caller down, and sure enough my grey cells had been right, and garden tick no. 131. Later in the afternoon it wandered briefly in to the trees of our garden and our next door neighbours, before heading back to the more mature tree area of the house opposite and adjacent farm.

Not quite sure where the nearest nutters from me, but must be a few miles at least. It also reminded me about when I added nutter to my Thetford garden list. Another calling bird This time an open office window brought in the call and looking out I eventually found it rummaging in the roof-gutter of my neighbour’s house! I’ve since added Melodious Warbler and Wryneck to my roof-gutter forager list!

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