Wednesday, October 28, 2009

iBirder - for virtually all your birding needs!

iBirder® is the new operating system from MacBirder.

Features for the modern virtual birder include -

MiBino® - your state-of-the-art virtual binocular - 6x to 60x magnification! See as far as you can see with your own eyes!

iScope® - zoom in on your subject - up to 20x to 2000x magnification! See further than you can see with your own eyes!

iD® - what's that bird? identification software for numpties - don't ever worry about separating a Chiffchaff from a Paddyfield Warbler ever again!

iSpy® - your childhood car journey game is back for those long-distance twitches - with a difference! Includes countdown to to the rare and SatNav software to ensure you only take three wrong turns wasting 15 minutes and arriving only five minutes after the bird was last seen! How's that for real!

triPod® - your all-in-one sound and support system. Forget pishing! Attract those birdies out of the bushes with stereo sound and give them something to perch on!

All for only £1999.00 - cheaper than the real thing!

To order your copy call toll-free 08 456 78 28 20 - NOW!

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