Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 - more pish, piffle and bolllocks then

Well. Its nigh on the end of January already and I've posted nowt on here for some time. Mind, that does mean I probably done nowt for some some time. So what have we been up to -

1. the house - overseeing the kitchen and final bits of builder-realted stuff - yippee!
2. decorating - hoo-bloody-raa! House update here
3. not birding - boo-bloody-hoo!
4. xmas - yippee! (apart from both being ill with the usual xmas bugs) and enjoying our new woodburnding stoves with lots of friends and family calling in
5. writing my Lesvos book - little yippee! I like working and it gets me away from the decorating!

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