Thursday, August 09, 2007

More moths

Another rather poor catch last night (only 75 individuals of 25 macro species). But amongst them where some rather nice commoner moths including these three.

Dog's Tooth, 8 August 2007, Farcet Fen
This is one of my favourite moths. I just love what I call the 'Warrior Mask' markings - dig those fangs!

Green Carpet, 8 August 2007, Farcet Fen.
A common species, I caught five last night, but this is a real cracker - the best-marked one I have seen this year.

Wormwood Pug, 8 August 2007, Farcet Fen.
One of the easier pugs! This one was huge, even larger than the Bordered Pug on the same carton (which unfortunately winged its way to feedon before I could pot it for a photo!).

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