Friday, May 11, 2007

Wilson's Phalarope!

Adult female Wilson's Phalarope
Phonescoped with Blackberry Pearl 8100 & Leica APO 77 with 20-60x at 50x
Got back from Lesvos last night and this morning was enjoying this fine female Wilson's Phal only a few miles from the house! What a return. Unfortunately I was told that it was far from easy to see and so I didn't bother unpacking my digiscoping camera - bah! Mistake! So this record shot taken with my mobile!
I returned later with the hope to get some digiscope shots, but on arrival it was at the back of the pool and with a strong wind my efforts were useless. A little later it moved closer but the wind was now stronger and the light next to useless - shooting at 60th of a sec with a fast moving wader isn't a recipe for success!Digiscoped with Nikon Coolpix 995 & Leica APO 77 with 20xWA
My 228th species for the Peterborough area and keeps me level with the Meastro Martin Coates!

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