Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Vestal and other migrant moths

The Vestal, Farcet Fen, 13 Sept 06

I found this moth feeding on buddleia at c.2200h. I suspected it was a Vestal but it was constantly on the move and I couldn't see its wing markings. A fumbled attempt to catch it saw it spiral over my head and upwards. An instinctive leap upwards and with outstretched hand, I took it cleanly. But the fun wasn't over yet. I raced inside and tried to put it in a pot. Never easy to do getting a moth out of your closed hand in to a tiny viewing pot. And o surprise then that it took flight! Luckily I had the foresight to close the back door and it headed straight for the light. My next fear was that it would get stuck in one of the many spiders' webs, but luckily it finally landed, and once at rest I could see immediately that my initial suspicion was correct and this was indeed a Vestal - the first for more, for here and the third in Cambs today!

Other migrants caught here overnight (MV light) included a single Diamond-back Moth and two Dark Sword-grass.

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