Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let it snow!

27 December 2005

We woke to snow this morning. I love snow in the fens. It adds a whole new drame to the place.

A snowy drove.

Snow still falling.

Fieldfare - watched eating the snow off the branch next to it. Very rarely seen in the garden.

Brambling - snow falls and new birds drop in to the garden.

Treeps - don't you just love em!

This not-so-spotless Starling was busy digging its way to the southern hemisphere. I wonder if it got there?

Pheasant tracks.

A meandering Pheasant and a fox.

The snow plastered to the north side of this post tells of a windy northly blow during the night.

A fenland snowscape.

Hare tracks.

Willy Wagtail leaves his mark.

Pheasant tracks, oh, and mine. Other tracks dound today, but not necessarily coming out on camera, Fox, Stoat, Hare, Moorhen, finches.

Peat wearing snow.

Images | © Steve Dudley
Bird images Leica APO Televid 77 | 20x eyepiece | Nikon Coolpix 995

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