Monday, August 01, 2005

Off the fen insects

Farcet Fen it ain't, but Liz's South Bucks garden is proving to be another Toadsnatcher insect trap. Armed with my 15w Acticnic Heath Trap and sticky treats, I've been at it in south Bucks with some great results.

Liz's garden


Pyrausta purpuralis a day-flying pyralid

Least Carpet not too exciting but a tick for me!

Copper Underwing and Old Lady at sugar/wine
Since I can't seem to attract an Old Lady to my garden, I was more than chuffed to get this lovely in Liz's garden. A long overdue first for me.

Gothic attracted to sugar syrup mixture

Great Black Slug of the orange variety

Black Arches a very smart moth found on the kitchen floor!

Black Arches

Small Phoenix attracted to light

All images | Nikon Coolpix 995 | © Steve Dudley

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