Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wrens are go

Two summers ago I was stood outside my office window when a fledgling Great Tit landed on my head. Looking up I saw three more tumbling out from under by guttering.

Juvvy Wren | Leica Digilux 1 | © Steve Dudley

This year, a pairs of Wrens are using the same cavity and I've been watching them toing and froing with beakfuls of insects (too many moths for my liking which possibly indicates they are collecting moths from around where I trap in the back garden). Anyway, just after 2 o'clock this affy, I heard one of the Wrens going bullistic outside my office window - just a few feet from where I'm sat. I was watching him/her when I small bundle dropped vertically downwards. Standing up I could see a young Wren in my (unplanted) window box. It hopped up on to the edge of the box and started calling excitedly (now, if a human baby had just fallen the equivalent height it would be crying its bloody head off! And would have broken my window box). I quickly grabbed the camera and got this record snap of the occasion. Over the next two hours I counted at least seven descents, and all are now tucked up safely in the Leylandii hedge (and making a racket).

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