Sunday, May 22, 2005

Time for a wee trump

Trumpeter Finch Landguard Point NR, Suffolk.

Well it had to happen. FA Cup final day. Man U vs Arse-of-them-all. Major rare bird finding day. Only most years Man U ain't in the final and the major rare that is found I don't need (me being a moderately large lister n' all). But this year was different. MEGA: TRUMPETER FINCH Landguard Point, Suffolk, showing well!

Well, having psyched myself up for the cup final I was now in utter turmoil. But sense prevailed. I always hate the jossling crowds of first day of major twitches, so the cup final won (shame Man U didn't!) and I sweated on the bird staying overnight.

And it did! So, Liz and I took a quick trip over to Suffolk, had great views (despite howling wind), and with record shots obtained, it was away to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of the town of Felixstowe - cockles, prawns, crayfish tails - yum!. Top bit of twitchin'.

Today's bird wasn't quite the spankers seen in Almeria in Feb where singing males were enjoyed trumpeting!

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