Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Garden birding rules!

Since I am getting out less and less at present, my garden in particular keeps me sane! Tree Sparrows up to 38+, Reed Buntings 7+, loads of Chaffinches, Goldfinches, daily Sparrowhawk raids, etc - great stuff. Add to this the stuff around the house on the fen, like this evenings couple of Merlins, Short-eared, Barn, Tawny and Little Owls - I don't really need to go far for my fix.

Blue Tit enjoyaing a bath

Great Tit come down for a drink

Treep and Piedy Wag at the bird bath

The Treeps have now taken to fat balls! Here four Treeps and a House Sprog battle for the fat while a Toadsnatcher nervously looks from the bush behind

Last week a Moorhen took up residence in the garden!

The Moorhen takes a liking to the sombrero

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Kate said...

These pictures are great! They make me nostalgic for when I used to visit my sister in Sweden (I live in Washington state in the U.S., now). I miss the wagtails, tits, and sparrows. I saw a lot of those sparrows when I lived in China, too.

Which reminds're an amazingly skilled birder familiar with Eurasian birds, so you might know the answer to this: when I was a kid in China, I came across a dead shorebird (had a beak sort of like a willet?) with an irridescent green speculum on its wing. I remember this, but it seems weird, now. Don't only ducks have colored speculums like that?

Thanks for letting me waste a little of your time....

Nice pics, again.