Wednesday, May 19, 2004


One word best describes my garden bird watching at the minute - dovefest! With between 6-11 Turtle Doves, 15+ Collared and 4 Stock Doves feeding in the garden most afternoons, its dovetastic here on Farcet Fen. They are getting through around four litres of seed a day I put out for them, plus whatever falls from the seed feeders.

The Turts are getting ever bolder. They used to be very flighty and stick to drive where they have maximum visibility all around them. Now they freely wander all over the show - right up to the front door!

One Stocky decided to go one further today when I was startled as it landed on the window box right in front of me - less than four feet away! It seemed very interested to see what was in the box - nothing! So it joined the rest of the doves under the feeders.

I keep the lawn purposely cut very short now - not cos its nice en tidy, but simply cos most birds prefer to feed on short sward so they can see all around them - improved predator detection. I'm sure this has helped with the local Spars and cats, with relatively few casualties. Thinking of it, despite regular raids, I can only think of two Spar predations in 18 months. The eight cats around me take many more!

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