Monday, January 05, 2004

A report of 12 Waxwings in a Peterborough retail park car park sorted my lunch hour out! At 1.30pm I joined an growing number of local birders and members of the public undertaking the annual ritual of staring at lumps in bare trees! The light was appalling but I did manage a few snaps. Some pretty groovy crests in among this lot!

Last seen in the garden on 26 November, today two Tree Sparrows have returned and are happily filling themselves with Vine House Farm Premium High Energy seed from the feeders.

The date is only three days short of the 8 Jan anniversary when the I first saw Treeps here. Based on their extremely nervous nature when they arrived last January (it took them several weeks before they appeared comfortable on the feeders and even longer before they fed on the ground) I judged that they were completely new to the site. Seeing the two birds this morning seemingly backs this up. They are obviously returning birds feeding confidently and aggressively alongside House Sparrows and Greenfinches.